Yo-Zuri 3DB Vibe

Yo-Zuri 3DB Vibe

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The Yo-Zuri 3DB Vibe Lipless Crankbait has all the trappings of the classic Rattl'N Vibe , plus includes Yo-Zuri 's patented Internal 3D Prism And New Panted Finish , along with their Wave Motion Technology.

The internal balls of the 3DB Vibe emit a natural sound of distressed shad and improve casting distances.

This style of lure is very popular with freshwater anglers due to its versatility with multiple fishing techniques, making it the ultimate prospecting lure. The 3DB Vibe casts and retrieves like any crankbait, but is also perfectly suited for vertical jigging since it swims downward when diving unlike most lipless lures.

  • " Internal 3D Prism Finish And New Panted Finish " finish
  • Technology " WaveMotion "
  • Internal stainless steel balls for longer casts and engaging vibration
  • Perfect balance creates a downward swimming motion when diving
  • Premium quality black nickel round hooks
  • Sturdy and durable ABS resin construction
  • Length 2 5/8"
  • Weight 1/2oz